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  • For some reason there is a weird line artifact that shows up in IE but not in Firefox that is displaying at the bottom of my WordPress page.

    Can you guys figure out what is causing this? I’ve exhausted my knowledge of the damn thing and am getting no where.

    The trouble spot is at the bottom right of this page in IE only.

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  • Was it always there? If not can you go back to the point when it didn’t and maybe find what happened that way? Sorry still learning css, but thought I’d try looking at it from a procedural point of view.

    First, your page doesn’t validate. Check that.

    Second, it is registering in your footer. Check the css there and if you messed with the source code of the files, especially the footer.php, then check to make sure all your divs and classes are lined up right and closed.

    Third, there maybe a code in there or the footer id itself that is coming up buggy in MSIE because of the 3px or other margin errors in MSIE. You can try the fixes at for help on those.

    I wonder if it doesn’t have to do with this piece of code:

    <body dir="ltr">

    What the heck is that? Plus, your stylesheet links should go ABOVE your body tag, in the head.

    In addition, if you view your source code, it looks like there’s some table rows and cells with no opening table tag. This is part of the Gallery code, so you may need to check your gallery, album and photo header templates in your Gallery install.

    1) Fixed validation problem.

    2) Footer code is set exactly as supposed to be. Still cannot identify problem.

    You’re just going to have to spell it out in english. Speak so that a code tard can understand you clearly.

    Because I don’t see what the problem is, and your suggestions aren’t really making sense to me.

    I stuck gallery inside of the wordpress headers and footers.

    ltr means force the direction of the content to a left-to-right margin. Without it, people who view web pages on a right-to-left system will fudge up your layout. I have it in mine because I lived in Israel up until a couple months ago.

    As for your problem – it looks like an MSIE bug, so start with the link I gave you up above and I bet you’ll find the fix there. It nails me all the time when I’m not paying attention.

    But your link is talking about search engines.

    Maybe you posted the wrong link?

    What do you mean you stuck “gallery” inside of the headers and footers?

    And I didn’t say anything because I was holding my tongue, but putting any form of presentation style in a table on a web page is bad stuff. Tables are for data not layout, so your problem may be in your tables. In fact, I guarantee it. Why would you do that? You are working with Kubrick’s default style, so why mess with it in tables.

    I bet it is one of the table elements causing the problem. Combined with the MSIE bug. Dump the tables and go straight CSS layout.

    Gallery is a php program that is packaged for install. You can skin the appearance to match wordpress by adding the appropriate WP code. The tables are there because Gallery mandates it, not because I like them. I tend to agree with you FWIW.

    I didn’t realize you were running the Gallery. But that’s the place to check. This might be a table error, like an extra <td></td> somewhere that should be there. That can often give grief. I’ve suffered it.

    Anyway, the rest of my suggestions should turn up some kind of a clue for you.

    Thanks. And do you have a different link? I’m not sure the one above is the one you meant to post.

    I finally tried that and checked it out.

    I have now wasted 4 hours on this frickin bullsh!t.

    My time is worth a lot to me.

    Therefore, $20 paypal to the first person who can fix this sh!tty problem.

    It would be so kind if you could figure out why my RSS feed links return a blank turd as well.

    This software is frustrating the hell out of me. And if this is supposed to be the best software out there, then I may as well just hop off a cliff.

    Okay. I found the problem but cannot find an appropriate workaround.

    There is a 1-pixel shift between MSIE and FF.

    The responsible code in the style.css sheet is the following:

    #footer {
    padding: 0 0 0 1px;
    margin: 0 auto;
    width: 760px;
    clear: both;

    For some reason, that width works fine in MSIE until you view my gallery page. Then, the pixel shift shows up. It doesn’t do that in Firefox at all. Now, if I switch the width from 760 to 761px all pages display correctly in MSIE (including the blog, which is weird in and of itself) but now Firefox screws up every page.

    Any ideas for a workaround?

    #footer {
    padding: 0 -0.99px 0 1px;
    margin: 0 auto;
    width: 760px;
    clear: both;

    completely bizarre, but it seems to work.

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