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  • I noticed today that one of the links in my top commentators plugin list was to a sex site. I knew this was wrong as I know the commentator listed and his link has always been fine. After not finding any reason for this, I went to the Akismet spam que and deleted the spam from the past 2 days. Once I did that his link was back to correct.

    So one of the spams in the Akismet que was causing his link to change to the sex site. How was this possible?

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  • Good question. Please send a list of all your plugins. Thanks,

    None of these are newly installed, but here is the list.
    Besides Akismet:

    Dagon Design Form Mailer
    Dean’s Permalinks Migration
    Feedburner Feed Replacement
    Full Text Feed
    KG Archives
    Random Posts
    Search Docs
    ShareThis Classic
    Show Top Commentators
    Simple Tags
    SRG Clean Archives
    Subscribe To Comments
    WP AJAX Edit Comments

    i am still trying to duplicate this issue. 🙂 didn’t forget you.

    It has not happened since that I have seen. I now check all my Top Commentator Links before I delete Akismet spam, but I have not seen it happen again. I worry about it, but I am so glad I caught it before someone else clicked on it!





    Well I figured this out and it is weird. Hopefully upgrading to 2.3.3 will fix this, but I am not so sure. Plan to so that this week, so it may be a mute point, but here is what happens just in case anyone else runs into it.

    A spammer tries to put a comment on a post and Akismet catches it. The spammer’s name, let’s say “Tom”, (Bad Tom), is the same as the last legitimate person to comment on the post, “Tom”,(Good Tom), AND that legitimate commentator is listed in the Top Commentators plugin list.

    What happens is the link in the top commentator list changes to the spammers link until I delete the spam comment from Akismet. Then the “Good Tom” in the Top Commentators list goes back to what it should be. None of Good Tom’s other links on my site go bad, only the one in the TC plugin list.

    Don’t know much about this stuff, but I am guessing the bug is with the TC plugin and not Akismet?

    Received the following from the author of the TC plugin. So this should be resolved soon.

    Yes, its definitely a bug in top commentators, not askimet. There’s a few bugs that need to be fixed, so check the site for an update soon.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Figured this out and it is not an Akismet problem but a WordPress one or A top Commentators plugin problem, depending on how you look at it.

    The name that is displayed in WordPress when a person leaves a comment is not controlled in any way. I suppose registering might help, but I don’t think the display name of a registered user has to be unique.
    What happens with the “Show Top Commentators” plugin is this. If “Bob” is in my Top Commentator list, the url for Bob is always the last url he used when posting a comment. This is the way STC works. A user does not have to have a unique name to post a comment in WordPress. The problem arises when “Bob” is in the top commentators list and then another Bob, spammer or legit does not matter, posts a comment. STC thinks the Bob that just posted the comment is the same Bob in the STC list and changes the outgoing link in the STC list to the link of the new Bob. So now the first Bob is on the STC list, but with a link to the second Bob’s url.

    Just to let you know that the Top Commentators widget v.1.1 addressed the original user vs. spammer URL issue.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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