• I’m building out my Health based website, and I was looking for a Weight Tracking WordPress Plugin for my members use.

    I found the Yeken website and the amazing “Weight Tracker” WordPress Plugin.

    After reading about the Weight Tracker Plugin, I immediately knew this was exactly what I was looking for, and the Price couldn’t be more affordable.

    The more I worked with the Weight Tracker plugin the more impressed I was of it’s functionality and options. It uses shortcodes so it’s extremely easy to use, and man there are plenty of them (over 35).

    Here are just a few of my favorite Weight Tracker shortcodes:

    – User Custom Fields Awards (displays awards given to user)
    – Calculator (displays BMI, BMR, suggested caloric intake, Macro Nutrients)
    – Chart (displays chart of users weight)
    – Challenges (displays a challenge league table)
    – Notes (displays personalized notes sent to a user from the Admin)

    The Cherry on top is the Support. Ali is the creator of the plugin and he also provides 5-Star Customer Support. He is very responsive and knows his creation inside out.

    I give Ali and his Weight Tracker Plugin 5-Stars! (Many more if I could)

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