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  • I’m not sure what’s happening in my Woocommerce store. Till a few days back before the current update everything was working perfectly. But now, regardless of the weight I put for the product, it just shows me a flat rate instead of calculating the shipping based on weight. I’m using the Weight/Country plugin to calculate shipping.

    This is my setup (in kgs):


    If the weight of the item is 2.0 kgs it should calculate and show AED 50 but it just shows me flat rate 35 regardless of the weight of the items in the total order.

    I tried a fresh install on a different host with the current Woocommerce and this weight/country based shipping plugin but I got the same flat rate – AED 35.

    I have tried other similar weight based shipping plugins but I still get the flat rate instead of it calculating shipping rate based on weight. So I’m assuming it’s not a problem with the plugin but with Woocommerce.

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    I am having a similar issue.

    First-Class mail with USPS is not available for shipments over 13oz. When I place two or more CDs in the cart (0.45 lb ea) it still leaves First-Class an available option. This is the case no matter if it’s multiple of the same CD SKU or if it’s two or more of different CDs with different SKUs.

    However, I should point out that if I put a single item in the cart that is above 13oz, like a vinyl LP, then First-Class disappears from the option list. That is how I know that this is a bug with WooCommerce and not USPS.

    I am using both the USPS and UPS extensions for their shipping rates via APIs.



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