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    Dear developer / community,

    Yesterday I came across this great plugin. I am going to setup a website next week and install it. I already use it on another website and I like it a lot.

    I was wondering: with this plugin users can subscribe to daily email for posts in certain categories.

    Is it possible (in the near future say within 6 months) to add a weekly option? So that users can select what categories they want information about, but instead of emailing them daily, sent an email once per week with all the new posts in thier subscribed categories?

    From a user perspective I think that that would be great. I don’t have time during the working days to check new posts of blogs that I follow. However in the weekend I would like to have an overview and go to the posts that i’m interested in. A subscriber asked me this.

    Thanks in advance for comments / answering this post,

    Kind regards,


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  • pictsgrueze


    IT WORKED!!!
    Thank you so much!



    We did that and it worked for a few days. After that the plugin stopped working entirely:
    the last thing we did before it stopped working was changing the daily time from 07:55 to 13:00

    we deleted the plugin
    We deleted the wp_stc_joblist database Table

    and reinstalled
    It is still not working.

    New Articles get listed in the plugin to be sent. When the time comes to sending the number goes down but not to zero. The mails which are supposed to be send are not being sent
    When I click on “Click here to run this action right now” Articles that have been marked as “to be sent again” are included in the mail. The new article was the article which was counted back when the scheduled sending happened but it was not not sent.

    in other words:
    A new article is triggered on schedule but not sent
    a to be resent (reposted) article is not triggered on schedule but sent when used the manual trigger.

    one thing we notice right now
    The table stc_joblist remains empty even if emails are supposed to be sent

    our server uses php 7.4

    I also tested the plugin again on a different server: Version 2.5.5 worked, Version 2.5.9 seemed to have the same problems.

    Plugin Author vandestouwe


    We finally found the issue. The plugin “Ultimate Category Excluder” Caused one of the STC background processes to fail in accessing the database to select posts in the “outbox” status. The reply was none. While the same query in the foreground comes up with the correct results.

Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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