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    Hi Matt

    Hope you well.

    I’m still using 8.4 html version, which is working really well for me.

    2 things though, if I select to send weekly, how do I select which day to send on? Settings only gives me the option to set the time it sends out.

    Lastly, we post about 40 to 60 articles a week, is there anyway we can only select 10 or 20 to be sent out. Sorry if this was asked before and I have a feeling it has.

    Keep well.

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  • @shanejose,

    If you want to send weekly then the day will be set as a week from no, so if it’s Monday the email will be sent next Monday, if it’s Tuesday then next Tuesday and so on. If you want to change this I’d recommend the excellent WP-Crontrol plugin.

    If you make 40 to 60 posts per week then all of these will be included in the digest, there is now way to just send the most recent 20. One way to limit the number in the digest would be to exclude certain posts from the digest by using the over ride meta box or assigning the post to an excluded category as specified in the plugin Settings.

    Hi Matty

    Thank you for your continuous great support.

    I will try the plugin, although I just read on your forum that one can send out twice weekly:, quick question about this is if I were to send out today, all the posts I posted from Monday until today would be sent, but then when for eg: it goes out on Friday, would it still send from Monday’s posts or would it send posts from after I sent out today until Friday?



    The digest emails send notifications containing posts made between the last schedule time and the current one. So, if the task executes today and then again on Friday, any email on Friday will contain posts made between now and the time the email is sent on Friday. I hope that makes sense!

    Makes perfect sense and is exactly what I need.

    Thanks again for your valued support.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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