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  • Resolved David Tierney


    So far your plugin looks like it might work very well for what I need – thank you.

    One need I have is that my multi-day events are something like, 9am-5pm each day for a number of days. When I entered this for an event, it is displayed in the week view as if it starts at 9am and continues 24 hrs a day until it ends at 5pm on the last day.

    Is there any way to adjust this, and if not, what way do recommend to just display the Month view and not offer the week view?


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  • Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Thanks Eran. First off, thanks for being so responsive to your plugin. It makes a big difference.

    Secondly, I understand that your plugin does not work like I will describe below, but wanted to point out my observation as I think it would be more common for people to use it as such, and I am open to being wrong.

    On my request above, I did read fully that post you referenced. However what I was asking about was not to create repeating or recurring events. I understand in that case one would have the same event repeat on future days.

    In my case I am talking about a multi-day event, one that might start on Friday and run through Sunday, like a workshop. The workshop would not go on all night but would be something like 9am-4pm each day. In that case, I would imagine seeing the visual display on the Week view of the calendar show only those hours blocked out each day of the event. And in the calculation for the duration of the event as displayed on the details, that the display would be more towards those hours.

    I actually can’t imagine an event that would span multiple days and would continue all night without stopping. And if there are such events, I would think they would be less common than not.

    I think it would be a little work to set it up optimally, so I don’t imagine it happing anytime soon if you chose to implement. Optimally I would imagine to have the option to pick a start date and end date, and then to pick hours for the first day, hours for the last day, and hours for all remaining days – with an option to to one set of hours apply to all days. The reason for this is, at least for the hundred or so workshops and multi-day events I have attended in my life, because the first and last day often have different hour spans than the rest of the event.

    So all of that is not necessarily to help me now because I need this to work asap for a client and will just hide the week display option and display:none the duration calculation on the detail view – I just wanted to share all of that because you have made a really nice plugin and seem to care about continuing to improve it.

    Best to you, and thanks.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Hi Dave,
    While I appreciate your scenario, I have yet to use a calendar that works like that – at least not the two I’ve used most Google Calendar, and Outlook. Indeed, the jquery plugin being used to render the calendar in my plugin is based on Google Calendar and would not be able to accommodate that request out-of-the-box.

    Essentially, to accommodate your request I would need to generate a hybrid recurring event that spoofed the calendar into treating multiple individual events as the same – because of the conflicts this creates with the plugins used by the AEC, I hope you can appreciate why this is not something I plan to attempt.

    To be honest, I think you are over-thinking the solution. You could simply create an event that repeats from 9am – 5pm for the first 4 days, and create another event that runs from 9am – 3pm on the last day of the workshop. If the event information is replicated in all events, it would visually appear as you desire and the events could be linked to the same details.


    No sweat. I still can’t wrap my brain around a common scenario where people have multi-day events running 24hrs a day, if you know of any, but I understand what you shared and appreciate the thought. Great plugin. Gave you 5 stars and rarely do. In part because it simply works and so many are released with bugs which are not good for clients. That I appreciate at most. Other than that, it looks nice, functions smoothly and covers the core basic needs of a calendar.

    And looking forward to your update with changes to the widget.


    Hey Eran,

    Slightly off topic. How do you make your name in this forum a link to your website? You name as it is displayed next to your icon/photo.

    I looked in my profile settings for this forum and there is no such setting. Nor does my website name as entered into my profile show up as part of my profile info.?


    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    I’ve seen 24-hour multi-day events typically used to indicate holiday/vacation, or a contiguous block of time for content submission.

    Regarding the profile link, when I go to this link and select edit, there is a field for website – as far as I know I didn’t do anything special to make that field appear. Hope that helps.


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