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  1. idotter
    Posted 7 years ago #


    For a Wedding i have a project:

    There sould be a greyscale picture (of bride and groom with some gifts) with some hotspots on it (e.g. brides shoes, grooms suit, champagne, wedding car ...) .

    If someone would like to donate the champagne (or brides shoes or wedding dress) he clicks on the champagne-hotspot and will be provided a dialogue where he can enter a message and upload a picture. when he sends this, he will be provided with some more informations where to buy (online or in a shop) or the ability to donate the money via paypal or banking information.

    after this, this part of the picture - champagne - will be colored now and can't be donated anymore. everything will be written in a database.

    Now i wanted to ask, if this could be possible with WP (i am willing to pay for some work that has to be done (max. 200 $) or if there's someone here who could do this without any cms ...



  2. freeden
    Posted 7 years ago #

    You best bet for something like this would be elance.com. With such a low budget for that project, you may have to scale back a bit to get any sort of respectable return.

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