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  • angstpristine

    I want to create more of a webzine than a weblog, does this mean I need to create a ton of static pages?
    I’m a complete novice at this, my CSS looks terrible and I have no PHP knowledge whatsoever. I am however quite comfortable with HTML.
    Can someone give me some pointers in the direction of making it more of a PHP website based on something like rather than the weblog feel it has now?
    I’m so lost.

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  • I think you might want first to have ONE post per page. Then, to use CSS to do a design as you like, using special tags to add to the menu. You might want to look at the plugins, too.

    I looked at the plug-ins, most of them made no sense and I didn’t know how they could help me.
    I think I need someone to explain it all to me very, very slowly…
    From the beginning…

    Perhaps you should look into a Content Management System – CMS – like Drupal instead.

    @angstpristine > Do you know more about that planned webzine beyond the idea itself? I am telling you from my own (bitter) experience it’s a painful process to try to tweak a script (which wasn’t even meant to serve your purpose) to fit a project like a webzine. If I was smarter (years ago) I’d have done this: have a detailed plan about what kind of features do you need (e.g. from menu systems, sections, author levels etc. to ease of changing the display…) and THEN start to look around searching different CMS software sites. I am sure you’ll find the right one!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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