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  • ryanve


    I’d like to hear critiques of the design for I think I need to create a better menu at the top. I’d like to make it as visual as possible. Any ideas? Thanks =)

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  • isaacyassar


    Yeah, the menu really needs some touching. The bottom menu does too 🙂

    isaacyassar: Thanks for the input—I’m going to change both =)

    I built a new menu for using this dropdown technique. The home page is also more visual now, as I’m only showing the thumbnails. Thoughts?

    I’ve updated the design a bit:
    home page:
    ex. category:
    Constructive criticism wanted =)

    hello ryanve, I am actually a fan of your site. Honestly, I like the part where it says MUSIC FLUX. Great job! However, I noticed that some parts of your main site were not so organized. I hope you can change it a little bit. Other than that everything is perfect!

    @weight_loss_menus Awesome, thanks for the input. You’re right—I think I was getting a little carried away with the categories. I think I was confusing people with the previous dropdown menu. What I did for now was streamline/simplify it into 5 main categories (Music,Design,Photo Journal,Apps,Infoculture) some of which have sub categories. Music Flux and Band Radar are now sub-categories of Music. That works, right? I’m glad you’re liking the Music Flux section, which so far is the most popular section. I’m working on some new posts for Music Flux now. Another way to explore the site is with the search bar. I had received feedback in another forum saying I should make the site look ‘more hip’ so I’ve been trying to address that as well. Thanks 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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