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  • Can anyone recommend a good website to sell plugins on? I am a plugin developer and I know there are plugin marketplaces (kind of like an app store for mobile apps) where developers can sell their plugins and share a percentage of the price with the website. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate question. I tried to search this site for plugin marketplaces, but the results I got were e-commerce plugins, which was not what I was looking for.)

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  • Here are two places to sell plugins

    You could also sell from your own site and have an affiliate program to get people to help sell it

    I would buy this plugin from you if you could design it.

    I am a photographer. I want my client to visit my website. Find their event. (which I already have set up). But when they start looking at their photos, I want a checkbox next to the photo for them to check indicating they like that photo. With that I’d like a form for them to fill out. Name, email and a submit button. So when they are done putting a check in the checkbox and filled out the form, they can submit and I’d get an email with the form data and checkbox with file name of photo(s) they like. Is that possible?

    Thank you for your time!

    wevans, I will be busy until at least mid-September, but I will be looking for more projects after that. I would be interested in learning more about the needs of photographers who use wordpress and what kinds of plugins they need.

    That would be awesome! I’m lots of photographers would appreciate your efforts. How can I get in touch with you after mid Sept? Since I have found wordspress, I’m never turning back. Tons of plugins, just not many plugs for photographers. We like to keep it simple as possible. I don’t like going to a third party site and setting up a gallery. The easier it is the for client to visit my site, choose the photos and be done would be AWESOME! No filling anything out. Checkbox, fill form, and send. Simple. Thx for your reply!

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    wevans, try posting on to hire people 🙂

    Cool! Thanks I will!

    how about selling your plugin from your site using my plugin. you can check out the free version at and the paid version at

    I will be giving away several of the paid versions to test out for free.

    I would also be interested in knowing more specifics about your needs as I would be willing to work on a plugin for you.

    Thanks for the info…….I didn’t know you could have an affiliate program to sell plugins

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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