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  • Hello everyone, i have a problem here, after created a website using the “Amphawa Themes” by wordpress, at first it was running well. After several months, when i opened the websites, there is a notification which show :

    ‘Warning : Something’s Not Right Here!, contains malware. your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site and so on”

    what’s the matter here? even when i removed all the content from web hosting it’s still the same..

    probably it’s been blocked, but i am not quite sure, please help me for the troubleshoot..

    thanx a lot


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  • I’m assuming this is because your browser is using Google’s index of sites known to host malware. In that case you can “Request a Review” through Google Webmaster Tools. Google will rescan the site, and if they don’t detect malware, they will remove it from the list.

    Google Webmaster Tools

    *Add the site to Google Webmaster Tools (If you haven’t already done so)
    *Verify ownership of the site (If you haven’t already done so)
    *Click the site so you can see the Dashboard for that site
    *Click on [ More Details ] from the red malware warning bar
    *Click on “Request a Review” and complete the form
    *Wait a few hours to a day or so for the warning to be removed from the search results (IF the site is clean)
    *Check your messages in Google Webmaster Tools for messages related to the status of your review


    after i clicked there is a notification like this –>

    Google Webmaster Tools has not been enabled by the administrator of the domain
    You can sign into another account to use Google Webmaster Tools.
    If you are the Google Apps administrator, please read these articles to learn more about controlling user access to Google Apps services and turning services on/off for certain users.

    i dont understand what it means, so how to enable google webmaster tools? thanx a lot

    @bagusadhita are you running google apps for If so, you or whoever manages that domain on Google Apps needs to log into the admin and enable the use of webmaster tools.

    Like wintermute77 stated, the page you’re seeing from Google is not real-time. It means that at the time it scanned your site you were distributing malicious content, or suspected of distributing, so you were blacklisted… 🙁

    If your site is back up you can use a number of free tools online to figure out what the infection is. FYI, if you just submit it and don’t remove the issue it won’t change the status. is one of them.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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