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  • I know that others have had issues with this before, but after doing the basic steps, namely:

    -deactivating any unused plug-ins
    -deactivating cloudflare

    There has been absolutely no improvement.

    I am hosting the site with dreamhost and i have a number of other wordpress sites there that run just fine.

    Could it be something to do with the theme (Goodspace) that I am using?

    I also read about someone who had a site running slow because they had been hacked. How do I even check for this?


    the site is:

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  • Did you try deactivating all the active plugins? Do that, and then activate them one at a time to see if one specific plugin is causing the problem. Do you have too many plugins running at once?

    If that doesn’t do anything, switch to the twentytwelve theme to rule out any issues that might be theme-specific. If that points to your theme as the culprit, you’ll have to check into the Goodspace support forums because this forum can only support themes.

    If none of those things work, you might need to contact your hosting company to ask their opinion. You can also look into speeding up your site by using a cache plugin.

    I don’t see any weird scripts in your code that might indicate a hack. If you’re still worried about that, here’s the resource for dealing with it.

    Hi, your site seems to be running well. Did you resolve this issue and if so, how?
    I’ve been having a similar problem recently and would love to know of anyone’s experience of what might be causing it.



    So things started working well for a while but have become absolutely terrible lately. Lots of timing out and error messages saying that the page doesn’t appear to exist.

    In terms of trying to find out if it is the theme I am using can I just preview the twentytwelve theme or do I actually have to activate it to judge whether there is a speed difference?


    @wilsodj – please start your own thread per

    You can do so here:

    Including more info in your post will help people help you.

    Oh sorry, this IS your thread – I got confused because other people posted in here – yes, you do need to actually switch themes…

    Ah, okay.

    But is that going to mess up any of the settings I have customized on the theme I am currently using when I go back to it or will all of those be saved?

    If it is going to reset the customized settings of my current theme when I activate another theme then reactive it, is there any way, instead, that I could install everything under a subdomain, and then change themes and see what happens?

    Alternatively, are there any analytic tools i can run that can find where the bottleneck is without having to change themes? (ie. if it is at the server level)

    Let me know if there is any more helpful information I can provide. I have also contacted dreamhost about this but have not heard back yet.

    Theme settings are saved in the database so you should be fine when you switch back – it’s standard troubleshooting to do this.

    Yes, you could make a copy of your site in a sub-directory – but that’s a bit of work to set up.

    I just tried your site and it’s not even loading, and if you are getting internal server errors, that sounds like a server problem – BUT plugins and themes can contribute to or cause those, so it’d still be worth deactivating all plugins and switching to twentytwelve theme to troubleshoot this kind of thing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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