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  • Hello there guys, hope you can help.

    I just paid someone to create a front end for my site and managed to get it up and running (the developer installed the site to my hosting – using an sql database after I uploaded the file pack via ftp).

    but I do not know how to edit the content on the site (i.e. images, info on pages, links etc.). The developer is overseas and is not responding to my requests for information on how to edit the site. He told me that there was a back end program he could upload which would make it easy for me to change and edit the site myself but has not done so. I cannot afford to pay another developer to edit the site for me so I have decided to figure out how to do it myself.

    Is there anyway I could find the program or back end database which he was refering to – which would help me easily edit my site in the future?

    i have login details for ftp and can also log into myphpadmin but dont want to change anything in case i mess up the site.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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  • esmi


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    Site url?

    Apologies, it is:

    Also, I would like to know how I can change the myphpadmin password to stop anyone editing or removing my site from the web?

    I know I can change the password wia my host but then the site stops working as the password is also embedded in the sql database for the site – so I need to know how to update the myphpadmin password on the back end of the site.




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    Where is WordPress installed on your server?

    You cannot change your myphpadmin password via WordPress. This has been set by your hosts – not WordPress.

    You also cannot change the database password or user for your site without also editing your wp-config.php file.

    Thanks for your reply esmi,

    1) I do not know where wordpress is installed on my server – how can i find this out?

    2) I realise that I need to update a file within the database(the wp-config.php file) but I am not sure

    > Where it is located

    > How to update it properly

    I do have basic knowledge and could change the required variables within the database (via myphpadmin) if i knew what to do.

    I look forward to your response.




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    1. Using FTP or your host’s file management application.

    2. The file is not in the database. No “files” are. It is in the root folder of your WP installation.

    From what I can see, WordPress has been installed in a sub-folder off root and them re-configured to take over the root domain. You need to find out the name of this sub-folder.

    Hi there I have managed to ascertain the name of the subfolder withing the htdocs (root folder) in my hosting.

    I also managed to log into the admin area (, but I still do not know how to change any info or edit the images on the site.

    The site has a image slider on the top (transition between 5 images) and I managed to delete 2 images by mistake and now there are only 3 images instead of 5. I can’t find where I can access the image slider (plugin?) to edit it so i can get it to transition through more images then just the 3 at the moment (used to be 5).

    I just dont cant work out how the website has been structured and sql file interacts with the filepack I uploaded (via ftp) with all the files in and how this interacts with the wordpress admin panel at the back.

    any ideas?

    also how to i change ftp password? i can view/edit the wp-config file in the subfolder of my hosting via filezilla (my ftp software). Is this the o nly file i need to edit?

    But which file do i change to change the password to get into the wordpress area (at in the wordpress area to change wp admin password?



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    how to i change ftp password

    You’ll need to ask your hosts about this.

    Is this the only file i need to edit?

    If you’ve only changed the database login credentials, yes.

    which file do i change to change the password to get into the wordpress area

    This is carried out via your Profile page. See the Users sub-menu in the Admin area.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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