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  • Hi there,

    I’m a bit of an IT novice, but usually that’s ok if I follow the instructions and do as I’m told, which is what I think I did when I installed WordPress 2 days ago. (there were a couple of times when the instructions on the MySQL section of the installation differed slightly from what I was seeing on screen, but I seemed to get to the same result in the end – except that in the PHPMyadmin, I have NO PRIVELEDGES in big red letters under the MySQL section?)

    However, when I get to the dashboard, and click on “(view site)”, I’m just taken to a blank page, with absolutely nothing on it. I’d like my blog to be the homepage of the domain I’ve registered [], so I saved WordPress into the root directory. Yet, if enter the URL into my browser, there’s nothing but the welcome message from my web hosting company.

    I’ve tried doing a google search, and a search of this forum, as well as going through the installation instructions again, but I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong.

    My server name is: ->
    The version of MySQL I’m on is: MySQL 4.0.24-standard running on

    Hope I’ve given you enough information to be able to shed some light on what I should try next?

    Many thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Check in your root folder for a file index.html or index.htm – if either is there, back it up (just in case) then delete it from the server.

    Double check and make sure that there IS an index.php file there (do NOT delete that one).

    Hiya fruitfly,

    Thanks for your response, but all I’ve got is the index.php file – nary an index.htm/l anywhere 🙁

    If your page is the one on your profile ( – your host has some sort of custom set up it looks like — maybe look for welcome.php? (It looks like it’s serving that… but I’m not sure.)

    I would look for any files (htm, html, php) that are not WP files in your root, and back those up and take them out. There’s *something* that’s pointing browsers elsewhere… without logging in myself though, I don’t know what it is.

    Hello again,

    Yes, it’s the clearcommunication page in my profile I’m trying to get working on WP – when I look at the root directory in filezilla, the only non-WP files I see are index.php, licence.txt, readme.html and xmlrpc.php. I’ll have a go at backing up and deleting them, thanks again for the advice.

    Just figured out they ( index.php, licence.txt, readme.html and xmlrpc.php)’re all WP files. I’ve also logged a call with the support desk of the web hosting people, so maybe they’ll be able to shed some light too.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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