• I found Panoramic today and love it’s simplicity and ease! I am wanting to increase the paragraph font size across the website, and I was thinking that might be done in Website Text within Customization…? However, opening Website Text brings up a 404! error notice.

    any suggestions?

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    Hi @cweymouth

    Great to hear you like Panoramic!

    What you’re seeing under the Website Text option of the customizer isn’t actually a 404 error notice, it’s just a setting to specify the message that a user will see if they get a 404 error notice on your website.

    You can increase the paragraph font size with some custom CSS. You’ll need to install SiteOrigin’s free Custom CSS plugin which will allow you to add custom CSS to the theme.


    Once you’ve done that go to Appearance > Customs CSS.

    This will show you a screen with a text editor containing any custom CSS you have implemented, so it will be blank to begin with.

    The CSS you should put in there is:

    p {
        font-size: 15px;

    That CSS contains the default font size but you can just increase it to your liking.

    Hope this helps!

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    wow!! thanks for the quick response and great support! Yes, I have the CSS plugin loaded and we can try a larger font with this code you shared.

    What is the default font size? it seems small on my laptop.

    thanks again!

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    Hi @cweymouth

    The default font size is 15px. It could possibly be that you zoomed out in your browser which has shrunk the text making it appear smaller. Click Ctrl and 0 to reset the zoom in your browser just to be sure.

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    thank you out of the box! we are playing around with font size with the code.

    one suggestion for you all – I was wondering the first day if I ought to buy the premium version, but I was struggling to find out anywhere what difference it would make?… what features would be available excusively to the premium version??

    If you could make that easy to find, maybe more people would buy it!

    thanks for the great theme and support

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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