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  1. lup0z
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I was asked to improve and to make a performance check on a website made with wordpress.

    The main problem of this website http://www.terapie.org/it is that it takes almost 10 seconds to load. I asked a friend from Poland to load it and he loaded it in about 3 seconds (an acceptable time lapse).

    I started to check the website using P3 Plugin Profiler and everything seem ok: it says that the most heavy plugin takes almost 2 seconds and it's accetable.

    So I check for the caching plugin ( DB Cache Reloaded Fix ) and here it is the strange thing: - if I check the bottom lines added by the plugin, I find this:

    <!-- Generated in 7,451 seconds. Made 24 queries to database and 0 cached queries. Memory used - 28.11MB -->
    <!-- Cached by DB Cache Reloaded Fix -->

    - If my friend from Poland check the bottom lines, he finds this:

    <!-- Generated in 2,350 seconds. Made 6 queries to database and 15 cached queries. Memory used - 27.93MB -->

    I supposed that if it would be a server-side problem the plugins that work on that server, would have given the same results but my friend results surprised me.
    So why the website is so slow? Why I get these different results? How can I fix this?

    Thank you so much!

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