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  • I just wanted to point out that in Mac Internet Explorer 5.2 your page is very hard to use. I’m not sure if you realize this, and it may be simply because Mac IE 5.2’s CSS implemtation sucks, but it really is hard to use (and may drive people away from using WordPress – which is a REALLY great derivation of b2…).
    Also, I’d suggest useing Phorum for your message board. It’s a PHP / MySQL message board system (just like WordPress) and I think it would be much better than this one. If you’d like someone to kind of work with the message board and get it set up for you, I’d be more than happy to. I’ve worked on and other sites, and I really like the way Phorum works. You can check it out at =]
    Thanks for making us a GREAT product. Now if only it had image thumbnail creation capabilities.. hehe
    -Matt Runo

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    I’m looking into the Mac IE issue. IE for Mac is actually quite good at CSS, better in places than later version of IE for Windows, but something in the CSS is triggering a bug, and I’m not sure what. I have some top-notch people helping me though so hopefully we’ll get it ironed out.
    I’m happy with the current message board, and I’ve collected my thoughts on the matter on this thread. Like I said there, if you have any particularly features you think would benefit this forum let me know and I’ll see about implementing them. I’m not married to this software either, if in a monht or two it’s apparent that needs have changed, then I will reassess this software and move as appropiate.
    Thank you very much for your kind comments. Constructive feedback is crucial to a sucessful project.

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