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  • I normally view the stats installed with WP but I also have access to the host’s stats which differ wildly from WP’s.

    Thus for the last week of July (to July 31), WP’s stats show 1822 ‘views’ which I assume means posts inc. the home page?

    By contrast, this is what I get from my other stats package:

    Web Server Statistics for

    Program started at Mon-01-Aug-2011 03:56.
    Analysed requests from Mon-25-Jul-2011 00:00 to Sun-31-Jul-2011 23:59 (7.00 days).
    General Summary

    This report contains overall statistics.

    Successful requests: 703,065
    Average successful requests per day: 100,447
    Successful requests for pages: 134,355
    Average successful requests for pages per day: 19,195
    Redirected requests: 56,158
    Distinct files requested: 394,878
    Distinct hosts served: 12,238
    Data transferred: 12.87 gigabytes
    Average data transferred per day: 1.84 gigabytes

    Some of this discrepancy maybe accounted for by files outside the WP db (flat html pages) but within the same domain and measuring ‘hits’ but surely not all?


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