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  • Charles Berge


    I use and like the analytic site stats plug-in WordPress.comStats.
    WordPress.comStats site stats says the following:
    “Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your blog.”
    This is incorrect. When I visit my website my visits are indeed logged (even with the correct settings). What to do to not count my visits?

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  • there have been dozens of complaints about this with no resolution that I have seen

    maybe a google search can help you

    yeah i’m having the same issue.. in the faq it says it doesn’t count the hits of any logged in users.. but yet has a referrer link from the wordpress dashboard.. which obviously i’m logged in.

    will search on google to see if i can find a fix and post back if i find one.. if anyone else finds a solution please post in this thread.



    Same problem here. Even clicking the link to a specific post in the Site Stats area (which takes me to that post) causes the visits to increase by 1 – every time (after refreshing the Site Stats page) . . . despite the message at the bottom of that very page that says “Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your blog.”

    My client really likes Stats. It worked fine on, but became a problem immediately upon moving his website to a self-hosted blog and using the plugin.

    I have searched google . . . to no avail. If anyone finds a solution, please post it here.



    yeah.. there isn’t a solution posted anywhere.. I’ve searched all over.

    someone please post a solution if you have fixed this.



    they just released an update to this plugin and it seems to have solved the problem for me.

    it’s not counting my visits to my blog anymore.



    and….. I was wrong.

    I thought it wasn’t counting it.. but it just got delayed for some reason. I just tried going to my site again and it counted my view right away. +1 view from wordpress dashboard.


    I am new to and am having the same issue.
    It even seems that when I preview a new post, my stats change.
    Does anyone out there know of or recommend a stats plugin that I could replace it with?

    5 months later, isn’t this solved yet? Damn, I’m not as popular as I thought I was.

    Can’t anyone help? Why do they make that claim when it is obviously not working.

    I really doubt we’ll ever see a fix for this issue. you might as well drop the plugin and find another solution.

    i’m using google analytics.

    There may be a conflict with another plugin causing this. Stats checks $current_user->ID during the wp_footer action. If that’s empty, Stats doesn’t think you are logged in. You can try disabling other plugins to see if one is the cause, or else edit the Stats plugin to debug it.

    it’s not a conflict with another plugin.

    as the moderator said at the beginning of this thread there have been dozens of complaints with no resolution.

    short of writing new code yourself to keep logged in users out of the stats.. it’s not going to work.

    Okay, Jon, here’s where we stand. The plugin works as advertised for the vast majority–millions of users. I’d like to make it work for you, too. I can take a look at your site to try and determine the cause of the issue and design a fix. If you’ll email my name at we can work out the specifics.

    I didn’t know you were one of the programmers for this plugin. but I originally posted about this error 7 months ago.. and again 5 months ago and got no help. not sure why you’re just coming around now. but regardless i’ve already moved on and not interested in this plugin anymore.

    If you actually want to attempt to fix this I would contact the other people in this thread that said they had the same problem.

    also the users that posted about it in these other threads.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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