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  • Hello guys .
    I installed WP-SuperCache , WP-Minify , Google-Libraries , Wp-Optimize , DB Cache-Reload , WP Widget Cache and also using Cloudflare , my website was getting faster so i said i should try out CDN Sync Tool also to make it better .
    So i installed CDN Sync tool , made an amazon S3 account and after i made the file sync my website is actually slower , i was thinking that having files hosted at amazon s3 should make it faster but not really , is it something that im missing or i didnt set up how it should be?
    With Wp-Super Cache ive enabled CDN Support and also im using it in PHP mode , in more_rewrite when i test the cache it says that the test failed , time stamps are not the same so i left it in PHP mode .
    What should i do?

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  • Just a quick note that you’re probably going to seeing conflicts with that many different caching plugins and minify options. If you turn on minify at CloudFlare as well, for example, you could be having issues down the road.

    Thanks for the reply , so what should i keep? should i use wp-minify and turn off cloudflare minify?
    Should i delete widget cache and db-cache reload?
    Cheers , Nick.

    “should i use wp-minify and turn off cloudflare minify?”

    I would just choose one or the other. I don’t want to tell you which one to use:) We do know if you use CloudFlare’s minify and W3TC’s minify, for example, that something will likely break.

    I haven’t seen any issues at this time with the other plugins…just really trying to say you will likely run into a conflict at some point if you have too many caching plugins running.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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