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  • Hi there,

    I’ve been having website speed slow issue. It is an ecommerce site. With this terrible slowness we think that the website will put people off from browsing.

    1.) I’ve tested with GTMetrix which has given A for PageSpeed Score and C for YSlow Score. Page load time is 19.4s. I don’t understand much with waterfall report from GTMetrix. And, test from Pingdom!/cPbP0r/
    it seems that files need to wait for data from the server.

    2.) I have 18 active plugins and 5 inactive plugins. I’ve checked with P3 which reported
    Total load time: 32.4 s
    Site load time: 13.5 s
    Profile overhead: 18.8 s
    plugin load time: 11.775 s
    theme load time: 0.7 s
    The woocommerce plugin has taken most of loading time around 12.5s from the detailed timeline chart.

    Active plugins: WordPress HTTPS, W3 total cache, Yoast wordpress seo, WP smushit, Better WordPress minify,WP core time, Atelier Demo content, Australian Post Woocommerce Extension, Breadcrumb NavXT, Cleantalk Spam Protect, Contact Form 7, GTMetrix for WordPress, Oauth Tweeter feed for developers, P3, Swift Framework, eWAY payment gateway, oik Weight/Country Shipping, Contact Form 7 Honeypot, Slider Revolution,

    Inactive plugins: Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables, WooCommerce Enable Free Shipping on a Per Product Basis, WooCommerce Quickview, WooCommerce Shipping Pro with Table Rate (BASIC), YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

    Theme: Atelier (paid theme)
    Other: MaxCDN (trial on this month)

    This morning it took around 30s to load the website which needs to improve badly. I loaded those plugins like WP smushit, Better WordPress minify and W3 total cache with a hope that it would help to improve speed faster. But I think I need to improve much more.

    3.) I am using share hosting from local hosting company. I’ve asked their help many time but they rather think it is the problem of plug-ins and theme.

    Can anyone help me on this please?

    Many thanks for your support.

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  • So, first things first, with plugins deactivated and a standard theme (e.g. Twenty Sixteen) in place, how long does the site take to load? If it’s still slow, you need to be talking to your host (maybe finding a new one). Otherwise, you need to start switching things back one-at-a-time to see what’s the big cause.

    Hello BNKSMILE, I have just tested your website on GTmetrix and Pingdom, both of them loaded around 9 seconds with relatively good scores.

    What is your current PHP Memory Limit? I would recommend increasing this to atleast 256mb if your hosting provided will allow it. “How To Check and Increase PHP Memory Limit In WordPress” –

    I did see in Pingdom that there are 6 errors in the waterfall, these links work but Pingdom did have an issue with them:

    Other than that you will find the most improvement by paying more and choosing a better hosting package unfortunately, I think you have done all you can with regard to optimising.

    Install WP total cache plugin and compress all the HTML, CSS and javascript files and optimize images. You can also try Autoptimize plugin ro compress them all. I initially had this problem with my website and doing these really helped it load in less than 4 seconds.

    @williamhenry3805 – I would suggest that as a later idea but not right now. There is an obvious issue here and masking it with a cache plugin won’t help – each time the cache refreshes the user will be left with a 30 second delay again.

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for all of your tips and suggestions. First of all, let me clarify with @tyron Bache.
    1.) The present PHP memory limit is already 256 Mb.
    2.) The errors were fixed. It was because the W3Total cache integration with MaxCDN. I disabled the CDN integration in W3Total cache plugin and replace with another WP CDN rewrite. It seems to work fine. Pingdom

    @dartiss – after I deactivated all plugins, the loading time was around 2-4 secs. I deactivated some plug-ins that I don’t use for now ie P3, GT Metrix plugins. So number of current active plug-ins are 14 (from 18). At the moment, our website is faster loaded around 10-12 secs from my browser but it is still not ideal.

    Plug-ins that seems to take time to load:
    – Woocommerce
    – Revolution Slider
    – W3Total Cache
    – WP Smush
    – WordPress HTTPS

    But this is an ecommerce website so it needs to have unless other good ecommerce plug-in could replace it.

    I deactivated W3Totalcache and replaced with WP super cache as I found that WP super cache is better for loading time and recommended by the theme developer.

    Is there any good plugin could replace WP Smush?

    What I don’t understand is these plugins ie WP Smush, W3Totalcache seem to help to improve the speed but why I found that it took long time to load the website after I activated them! Our volunteer asked me to deactivated WP super cache while tweak product style as it took him too long to do his job.

    What I found also that it took so long to save/load something at the backend. For example, it took around 30 secs to load to wp-admin page and it took around 12 secs from the login to the back-end.

    Any more thoughts?

    Many thanks once again.

    With everyone switched off 2-4 seconds is still pretty slow. However, yes, if that increases 10 folder when re-adding plugins then you have an issue there – and as I’ve said before, caching is NOT the answer. I’d only consider that once non-cached output is a reasonable speed.

    None of those plugins you mention should cause that much of an impact to a site – did you monitor page load speeds after activating each in turn? What did each add to your load times?

    Personally, I’m still suspecting hosting speed as a cause here.

    @dartiss – thanks for getting back.

    I totally agree that there is an issue with this website. I was timing each time when I activated one by one plug-in. By doing this, I can see the impact of each plugin to the loading time. The more plugin I activated the more loading time it needs. It took around 6 secs – 10 secs. But some plugins that made so much difference to others are Woocommerce, W3Totalcache, WP Smush and Yoast SEO that I mentioned earlier. It could take up more than 10 sec – 28 secs to load the home page. It is why I deactivated these plugins for the moment except Woocommerce. I was actually surprised as these plugins are widely used by developers. If it caused the slowness they wouldn’t be this popular, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    I also suspect hosting speed. It took longer time to load back end as well.

    Many thanks once again.

    My pleasure. Something like Yoast SEO or WP Smush should only add milliseconds to your load time – in the case of the latter this (I think) only runs in admin, so shouldn’t theoretically add any load time to your main site.

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