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  • ok, going nuts here. I have a huge site, 36,000 pages load time on main pages is quick with no issues, the the other 35,887 pages that pull from the database takes 19 seconds to load. example:

    (OR) Oregon City Police Department

    i have had the following done.
    1. changed from shared to VPS (even though resources were not taxed even on shared) no change
    2. had database optimized, reindexed.
    3. enabled query cache and upped to 128MB, not even touching the full cache amount.
    4. increased table cache and file limits
    5. increased wordpress memory to 512MB

    so need less to say i have hired 2 separate contractors that cannot find anything that would really cause such a slow down. ANY suggestions at this time is appreciated. Is there a way to split the DB into maybe 5 of them to speed up scan rates. (hosted on SSD) Can multisite installation use one main page and the sub-directories be split up for the rest of the site? At this time it seems it is just the sheer size of the database that wordpress can’t handle. How do other large sites get away with it?

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  • enabled query cache and upped to 128MB, not even touching the full cache amount, increased table cache and file limits…

    The overall size of the database is probably they issue. And you have to be very careful adjusting MySQL’s my.cnf values such as cache, query cache and memory usage, etc, or you can cause your server to run slower and crash more often. Enable slow query logging.

    If Apache, httpd.conf needs to be adjusted, too, for server spawning and memory usage. And PHP for memory and op-code configurations. Most unmanaged VPSs are leased “bare” and unadjusted; you need to do that work, unlike a managed server.

    You can shard the database, or move to a multisite, but that won’t mean much if you stay on the same sever. You’re better off working with what you have now and possibly going to a faster server, like a dedicated, that is not shared ike a VPS, if correctly done adjustments on the VPS don’t improve the performance.

    You do have a front end cache plugin, so that’s good. But that won’t help with the backend.

    If you can’t do the work yourself, consider looking for a reputable person on or or

    (FYI, it’s not a good idea to respond to work offers from random forum users who have read about your issues.)

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    thanks for your input. Do you really think a dedicated server will make a difference as i am not even using the full server stats as it sits. 4 Cores, 4GB and 60GB SSD. I was wondering about memcache but it still does not resolve the initial visit to the page for any visitor because of the size of the site. It seems that my solution is to somehow reduce the size of the DB or spread it out in some way in order to close such a large gap in time. I guess my idea with the multi-site is to break up the 36,000 pages into 10 sets of 3600 page databases if possible, don’t know if it is though.

    You should be sure your VPS is adjusted correctly before going to a dedicated server. How do you know you are not using all the memory and CPU?

    Forget multisite; it will be the same server load.

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    I can watch the memory usage, cpu usage all in real time while stressing the site with thousands of queries. never exceed 50% memory or 60% cpu

    never exceed 50% memory or 60% cpu

    Where exactly do you see that? In top?

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    under manage my server, resource utilization

    That’s not going to give you an accurate idea; that’s simply what the webhost wants you to know. Who is the host?

    Use SSH and run top. See

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    What does top say for CPU and memory usage?

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