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  • (I think the issue is mostly with GoDaddy. My hosting plan expires in 6 months. I will change hosting then or more likely immediately if my issue is not resolved.)

    My website,, is either slow or returning a 500 error. Customer service keeps telling me it is my fault, to check my script, my code, etc. I have tried messing with and deleting .htaccess and it does nothing. I have tried removing all plugins, themes, etc. It does nothing. I’ve tested my website on various different computers, browsers, and testing websites. The result is always the same. My website sometimes works perfectly, other times is really slow and at some point returns the ugly 500 error.

    One GoDaddy customer service rep I spoke to said that it was probably an issue with the server my hosting was on because there has been other complaints. I thought that would mean that GoDaddy would fix the problem, but I got an email just recently that told me that they could not find any problem with my website so there is nothing that they can do. So they will do absolutely nothing while I sit around with a broken website?

    Does this mean that my website it doomed to being dysfunctional and unreliable? Is there something I can do on my end to fix it? It was working very well before today and I was very satisfied with how it functioned. I made no changes at all.

    Is my best bet just to change hosting as soon as possible?

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  • Christine Rondeau


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    It’s running pretty fast for me right now and there are no 500 errors.
    If you have plugins that you are not using, you should deactivate them and delete them.

    Otherwise, your theme could be the issue. I do see a lot of jQuery in there.
    You might want to look and see if all of that jQuery is necessary and if the theme is optimal.

    Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    I would also add that changing host might be a good idea. Godaddy is very popular and thus hosts a lot of sites.


    I did some research on our end and while there may have been latency at one time on the server, there is none now. The server is happy and healthy. If you are still receiving errors, what I’d like to have you do is send us a screen capture of the error when you get it and also a traceroute when it’s happening. This will give us a lot more information and help us troubleshoot what could be the actual cause for your receiving these errors, especially since we can’t duplicate them. You can attach them to the last email response, but when you do, please comment back here to let me know so I can get that information to our Advanced Team and we can dig deeper into this for you.


    I’m having the same issue on my GoDaddy account. Was yours ever resolved?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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