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  • theohuxtable


    My website loads extremely slow on my home computer with firefox. It seems to load alright for other people on other computers, but not mine. It also loads fine for me on my work computer. All other sites work just fine on my home computer except my site. Sometimes it doesn’t finish loading at all and I have to keep pressing refresh. Works slow on front end and in dashboard.

    Any ideas or solutions?

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  • Kailash


    It could be a connection problem between your home computer and server where your blog is hosted. Do a tracert from your computer and make sure there is no time out in the report. Also, add host record of your web site in your local system.

    To add host record on Windows OS, open to %System dir%\system32\dirvers\etc\hosts and add following entry:




    Forum Moderator

    No obvious problems here when using FF3.



    Thanks for the tips. I just ran a tracert in Windows and it took 11 steps with one time out. Every other step was less than 30ms. Is that bad? If so, can it be fixed? Thanks so much!!




    Clayton James


    Total load time in Firefox 3.5.2 – several attempts yields an average of 3.42 seconds.

    What is it you still want to know?

    …and for pete’s sake, there is absolutely no valid reason to edit your “hosts” file.

    Is one timeout while running a tracert a big deal? Any other ideas why this and only this site of mine doesn’t seem to load on my personal computer’s firefox?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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