Website Savior!

  • I contacted Karen memberfindme after being referred to her from a web designer who I contacted for a quote. I am the president of a Women’s business organization and needed help fast. I took the group over in January to learn that the website that took 6 months to build, did not work! We could not pay for events, host a directory, or run membership reports. All things that we needed to have in order to run the organization smoothly, and we promised to have on our website. After much stress, we fired the previous designer and went with memebrfindme! The great thing about memberfindme is that is does all the things we needed and does them well. In 5 days Karen had our site up and working. the big difference with this program is that the database and other items I mentioned do not have to be built out each one individually. It is all in the program already. And if you like their templates they offer – you are good to go. If not, you can have a web designer customize one for you and still use this database option. we like the template and we’re up and running in fast! There are just a few things we needed that it did not do automatically, and they have been extremely helpful in helping us figure out how to add the items we need in. They have also taken the time to train us. It is a website life savor!

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