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  • My website Airstrip-B91 about an war time airstrip near Nijmegen The Netherlands at 000webhost is Suspended for violating.
    I have a copy of my website files like the wp-admin, wp-content and wp-include files. Unfortunately not the latest sql.gz file.
    Is it still possible to reinstall my website at Hostinger?
    Is there an installation instruction available.

    Kind regards, many thanks in advance for your answer, Jaap Been

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  • John Parris




    Without a copy of the database you won’t be able to reinstall and have all the content you had before. You need some kind of database backup to restore the content. None of the page content is stored in the wp-* folders like that, except images and things uploaded via the media library.

    Thanks for the reply with the explanation.
    As I only have old database backups the only solution is to upgrade to 000webhosts’ premium UNLIMITED hosting at to get my account reactivated. Then they will unsuspend my free account and hopfully they will place back all the files. It’s a strange world: paying for a free website account as a panalty for an unexplained fague violation.



    very awesome

    It’s a strange world: paying for a free website account as a panalty for an unexplained fague violation.

    It’s not that strange. In fact it’s pretty much standard practice for a lot of “free” hosting companies. After all, how would they convince you to upgrade unless they blocked your account? 😉

    To re-install, you’d want to follow the same steps as you see in Moving WordPress, but you’d just forget the parts about creating the copy as you’ve got that already.

    Dear Catacaustic,

    You are right although I do not encourage the way the suddenly block my free hosting account. The violation by the way was caused by a Googlebot as far as I could figure out. So no violation from my side. It would have been more decent if 000webhost would have been informed me in advance. My website by the way is not commercially. I only provide free information about a war time airstrip near Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

    I in the mean time have my website running again at Hostinger.
    I was very lucky to find a .sql file I could use in my e-mail archive.

    I have asked 000webhost if the following statements were correct:

    So in conclusion we can say that 000webhost:
    – can suspend an account at any moment, for a vague reason not further explained
    – suggest you to upgrade to their premium UNLIMITED hosting at
    – promise a free transfer service
    – promise to make backups of all files and databases every 30 days to feel secure
    – cannot guarantee that files nevertheless get lost
    Is this correct?

    Below the answer from 000webhost.

    We are very sorry for the problems. Please refer to Your ticket on hosting24.
    Very Truly Yours,
    Helpdesk Staff

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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