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  1. JevgenijC
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    I moved a website called http://jecag.com/ to http://beauty-in-ffm.de/
    Also I have exported database from http://jecag.com/ and imported in to http://beauty-in-ffm.de/ .
    In jecag.com when I eneter behandlungen page, this page contains information and also I can change it in WP.
    But when I enter http://beauty-in-ffm.de/behandlungen/ , this page is empty. Also it is empty in WP and when I try to add information through WP, added information could not be displayed.

    When I try to enter in to WP control panel of http://beauty-in-ffm.de/wp-admin
    username and password are the same as http://jecag.com/wp-admin . But the difference between those two WP control panels are, that when I enter behandlungen in WP control of http://beauty-in-ffm.de it is empty and I can not add information.

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