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  1. black4eternity
    Posted 5 years ago #


    We are planning to use wordpress Multisite on a Corporate Website.
    They function in multiple domains so we thought WPMS will be a good idea.

    What they need is :
    1) Domain for each function with static pages(hr.xyz.com,tech.xyz.com etc) Each has an unique theme.
    2) Company blog for each domain ( This is obviously easy)
    Till here things are fine.
    What they want out of WP is this :
    3) Online Store
    4) Areas of site where they might include their own custom pages or demo of apps etc.

    Now my questions

    a)Let us say we design the XYZ.com with WP MS. Can they later create a different part subdomain like store.xyz.com with their own online store app and unique database ?
    b) Will creating a non WPMS folder or subdomain within the site create any conflicts with WP MS(Network) installation. Some posts make me believe that it might.
    c) If we decide not to use WPMS for the static content of the website and use it only for the blogs it obviously makes life easy for us. But then we will need multiple non Multi Site WP installations for each blog. Any way of working around that ?
    d) I saw a video on youtube a while back that said something like if I install WPMS in a subdomain like blog.xyz.com then the new sites in the network can take names like hr.blog.xyz.com,tech.blog.xyz.com etc. Is it even possible ?

    Help with this is really appreciated.


  2. black4eternity
    Posted 5 years ago #


    Can anyone help me out ? Please.

  3. Have you installed it anywhere and played around with it yet?

  4. black4eternity
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi Andrea,

    I have worked on WP not extensively on MS.

    I have researched extensively on Multisite but could not get a clear idea about these questions.

  5. a) yes
    b) depends. but generally, no.
    c) not really. personally, I think that way is more difficult.
    d) if your server is set up right, yep.

  6. black4eternity
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks a lot Andrea :)

    One question - If I install WPMS on the root of a domain xyz.com which already has existing subdomains. Will it cause any issues ?
    I want to use the main WP page for the domain to be the landing page with links to the existing subdomains(Static Non WP websites) and also links to sites from the WPMS network.

  7. If the wildcard record is added to the server in the right order, then no. you;re fine.

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