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  • The past few weeks I have been working on freshing up my site, since I had to convert it to the WP 1.5 template system anyway. So, basically just like any web designer I ran into a ton of issues with IE. I have to use some very nasty hacks but at least they all validate.

    What I’m just wondering if some people could check out my website with some different browsers to make sure it looks good. I have tested it IE6 and Firefox. I’m mainly looking for some testing on IE5, IE5.5, Opera, and Safari. Unfortuently I don’t have access to any of those browsers so that’s why I’m asking for you help. Thanks in advance for any testing you do.

    If it wouldn’t be too much to ask could I also just get your opinion on the website design. Like I’ve said before I’ve really put some work into it. Thanks.

    You can check out my site at

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  • Looks great in Safari, OmniWeb, and Opera 8(beta). No problems I can see.

    easy to navigate. I like the color selections for the different parts.

    Thanks for checking it out and taking the time to check it in different browsers. That’s a huge sigh of relief now that it works in the majority of other browser. It’s just IE5 and 5.5 I’m still curious about.

    It looks OK in IE5.5, except the Gmail page, where the two-column list makes the page too wide and forcing horizontal scrolling.

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