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  • Hello All,

    I recently set up a website using a subdomain at dreamhost since the actual site with the “real” domain name was still up and running until the cutover. When I finished the site I went to the domain account of thet “real” domain name and enabled forwarding with masking to point to the dreamhost subdomain.

    The forwarding took effect pretty quickly and I was able to easily type the “real” domain name and be sent to the wordpress site I’d been building at dreamhost.

    Last night i was doing some last minute updates getting the site ready for prime time and I was mainly bulk loading posts using the csv importer and adding/removing categories.

    This morning when I went to type in the address I got various messages from IE/Firefox/Chrome stating that the page could not be found. however..if I go back up to the address bar, reselect the web address and hit enter it will take me there every time. It never works the first time..but always works the second. Now..I believe as long as I keep the browser open I can go back to the address without issue.

    I can still of course type the original subdomain account name for dreamhost and I get there every time without issue. I thought it was a forwarding issue, but it doesn’t make sense that it worked beautifully yesterday and not today…and also that it eventually works the second time you try.

    Also, as a sidenote…I’m going nuts trying to find an integrated audio player that works in ALL browsers. I’m about to just put a link with an audio icon and let their computer do with the file whatever it wants (save, play in default desktop player..etc.)

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