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    I made sure that my website and the theme are compatible with the newest PHP update, but after Bluehost made the PHP update, my website completely changed and does not look correct.

    After reverting back to my original PHP, my site returned to normal.

    Now there is a new PHP update that my website and theme are compatible with, so I tried making the PHP update myself. My website completely changed again, so I had to revert back.

    Why is this happening when my website and theme are supposedly compatible with these PHP versions?

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  • Moderator t-p


    My website completely changed again, so I had to revert back.

    This may be a plugin or theme conflict. Before reverting back, please attempt to disable all plugins, and use one of the default (Twenty*) themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

    If you can install plugins, install and activate “Health Check”:
    It will add some additional features under the menu item under Tools > Site Health.
    On its troubleshooting tab, you can Enable Troubleshooting Mode. This will disable all plugins, switch to a standard WordPress theme (if available), allow you to turn your plugins on and off and switch between themes, without affecting normal visitors to your site. This allows you to test for various compatibility issues.
    There’s a more detailed description about how to use the Health Check plugin and its Troubleshooting Mode at

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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