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    After trying to troubleshoot for nearly a couple hours, I have realized a problem is occurring..

    Up until recently, my website would refresh each time I made a change; to a widget, to the text of a given page, anything. Now, it does not want to reflect any changes I make in the dashboard. If I stay logged in, and I click “View Site”, the changes are shown perfectly. However, when I log out and view the site as a typical user browsing through, the changes are not there and the site reflects the past version of it (without the changes).

    I’ve tried to remove all plug-ins. Tried re-installing WordPress. Tried different plug-ins.. It’s at the point where a solution is needed.

    Please help!

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    I’m not sure if I found the answer, or just a bandaid to the situation. Under WP Super Cache, then Easy; Deleting the Cache forces the website to update.

    Currently, I am manually doing that each time it needs to be updated until I find a permanent auto fix.

    Thanks again for your time if you view this.
    If you’re having the same issue, try my fix.

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