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  1. sickpromo
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Heyy there!

    I'll get straight to the point:

    This morning I tried moving my wordpress installation from my root directory (www.sickpromo.net) to a subdirectory (www.sickpromo.net/musicpromotion). However, even after following multiple guides I failed miserably. At first the blog didn't show up and after that it kept showing up completely unformatted. So, after a couple hours I decided to stop trying and move everything back to the root directory and change back all the links in the database. But now it's STILL showing up completely unformatted!

    Have a look for yourself: http://www.sickpromo.net

    Also, I can't log in anymore. I can see the log in form at http://www.sickpromo.net/wp-login.php
    But once I enter my log in details and hit the 'log in' button, it redirects me to http://www.sickpromo.net/musicpromotion/wp-login.php , which no longer works since I moved all the files back.

    I feel very tempted to just saw 'screw it!', delete the entire database and start from scratch, but I figured that was just out of frustration and it would be wise to first see if anybody here knows of a solution. I sure hope someone does.

    So, if anybody knows how to get my website formatted again and fix the log in problem, please let me know!

    Thanks a mill!


  2. Samuel B

    Posted 7 years ago #

    use the phpmyadmin option and change BOTH url's to reflect where the actual install is

    while you're in there - reset your password

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