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  • Hello,

    First I’d like to apologize if the information I am looking for has been posted before; I attempted to search for it without result.

    I’m new to website design and am about 90% done designing a site for my wife’s accounting business. I would like to setup a simple WP blog for her site (for her to use to post related news and events, etc). I have read through all of WP’s installation instuctions and have successfully installed the WP backend however I am unsure how to finish the integration with the actual website.

    I’ve googled and searched to the best of my abilities but have been unable to find step-by-step instructions that are both up-to-date and written with the true webdesign newb in mind. If anyone knows of any good reference material (preferably online but books are also an option) that explains the process of integrating WP with an existing site in terms that someone with little to no website design can understand, I would greatly appreciate it.

    PS. I am aware that I could have designed the entire site via WP but at this point do not have the time to redesign it since all I have left is the blog integration.

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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  • You should have an index page in the root of the WP install directory. So if you put WP into a directory called /blog there should be an index.php in there.

    From any point on your main site all you need to do is create an href link to the directory – so from your own home page you may have a link ‘News and Events’ just point the link to you WP installation – something like News and Events You can then add links on your WP menu back to the main site.

    Thanks datasoftict, I (believe I) understand what you are saying however, I want the “blog” to actually be integrated into the site such that it looks like just another page on the website. Unless I’m mistaken (which is very possible), the way you are suggesting would pull up the WP default template for the “blog” page and would not keep the look and feel of the rest of the site…

    …perhaps I am not phrasing either my question or the result I’m looking for correctly? Again I’m learning all this as I go and though I’m an IT guy, I have very little depth when it comes to website design. If I’m not explaining my request correctly and/or need to clarify, please let me know. Regardless I appreciate your help.


    Yes the way I linked would go to a new site and not have the same styles as the main site.

    To get the same ‘look and feel’ from your site into WP you will need to build a theme and then activate that theme in your dashboard. You can build child themes if you find one that looks nearly the same.

    I would suggest looking through the free themes that are around – there are hundreds of them – and find one that is nearly the same. Then use CSS to make the final changes. You have probably looked at this already but This link might help you understand some of the mechanics.

    Thanks datasoftict! I’ll give that a try.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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