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  • I’ve read the forums and my question(s) are a bit different:

    I’ve googled my site name and it only comes up if I enter the name all as a single name: ie- xxxyyyzzz rather than xxx yyy zzz. the site name is indeed: xxx yyy zzz.

    I’m wondering if it’s due to my welcome/home page url which is

    And…why can’t it be googled and found under ***both*** xxxyyyzzz and xxx yyy zzz?

    I am currently trying to sort through site map changes to fix this, but am not sure it’s the real cause….

    real site is at:

    FYI- I do have Google xml sitemaps and All in One Seo plugins up and running.

    Also FYI- when I had the site ‘under construction’ sign up while building it, the site came up when googled xxx yyy zzz with an under construction sign on the description. Been launched for about 9 days now.

    Thanks for any input.

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  • Yikes…it didn’t take my ‘real site name’


    It might take up to 6 months. Google sand boxes new sites to avoid dealing with spammers. Give it time.

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    Have you asked this in Google’s forums?

    I just googled Laura Bruno Lilly and you came up #11 on the search results with 1 other of your sites pages under this and 1 post. I do not have Google’s safe mode on.

    Thanks to all of you. I’ll check google forums while waiting for those 6 months to pass!

    My main concern was the instant change that occurred after the ‘under construction’ sign was removed. And because it was so ‘instant’ why wouldn’t other aspects of my newly launched site be instantly accessible?!!! All things on the internet are not created equal, eh?

    I’m not sure this is resolved, more like ‘on hold’ to see what google does with the passage of time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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