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[Resolved] Website looks bad on iPhone with preference lite theme

  • Hi There,

    I have just made my site stuzlyjochairs.com live today. The site looks great on laptop or tablet but very bad on iPhone. The main problem seems to be that the images are not positioned correctly on some of the pages, and some can’t be seen at all and this in turn seems to affect the text formatting on those pages.


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  • The actual site URL is



    I think I know what you are referring to. You have some images align right so that text flows to the left, but when in smaller screens, the content (text) gets squeezed?

    It means that I need to add some new styling to cancel out the alignment of images for smaller screens so that the text will float below the image and the images align center.

    Hi thanks for replying so soon.

    I think it sounds like we’re talking about the same thing.

    I think your solution could do the trick and make the site flow better. Will you be adding some new styling to address this problem ?

    I just wanted to add, that the ‘About’, ‘Making The Chairs’ and ‘Contact’ pages are narrower then they should be when viewed on the iPhone. Do you think your solution will solve this problem and return them to the correct width ?

    Also, do you know why, on the iPhone,that some of the images overlay other images and are hidden ? Do you think your solution will also solve this problem, and allow all the images to be seen ?


    It’s my guess that most if not all should be solved, but I also found out about some css that is needed for images (perhaps indirectly related to your issues you are excperiencing).

    I will have to get on this later today, but it might take a couple days for an official update to be available.

    One thing that might make this work better is to import your site into my local test site and then I can make the code adjustments with your site content. Would you be able to send me an import of your site (all content)? If so, please contact me from here:

    Contact Me

    Thanks. I’ve contacted you via your ‘contact’ link regards uploading an import of my site into your local test site.


    Hi completely new to this so hope I’m posting in the right place and apologies if not!
    I too am having problems on this topic, it looks fine on the laptop but on the iPad my content goes all over the place and on the iPhone it does the same but as a smaller version within the outer background.
    I have not seen many other posts on this from others other than this one so am wondering if I have done something wrong.
    Hopefully the solution you are working on will help me too.

    Hi Sasab….There’s a couple updates I’m doing with code, but for the other person, we’ve also been in contact with email. How content is put into a page can also have issues with a responsive layout, but if there is something more with the theme itself that I can add to an update, I will do that too. Perhaps a link to your site and I can take a quick look.

    Hi, Thanks for the quick response. Your observation of how content was incorporated was spot on – the issue appeared to be with columns inside the pages/posts and I have finally managed to figure this out, amended the code and it works great on all devices.
    Thanks so much again!

    You’re very welcome….making websites is not easy, but becomes an interesting learning experience for many. But glad it worked out for you. Cheers!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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