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  • Ever since the WordPress update to 5.03 the WordPress site loads randomly.
    Including the following
    – it loads with User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-admin/ Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
    – It loads another page than the homepage
    – It loads the homepage then does not allow me to switch pages (HP keeps loading)

    When I press ctrl-F6 it reloads and I get the proper page. This made me think it was the cache but I have cleared all the caches on the website, and all the browser caches. It still keeps happening. This has been going on for a month.By the way I have reset all the permalinks – no good

    Help me! I need it fixed

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @pbchambers26

    I hope it can help you, Please refer this doc


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    Thank you but the front page is static.

    I just spent some time surfing around the site and didn’t see any problems at all except the site doesn’t seem to have a 404 page and/or redirects anything it can’t find to the home page or a copy of that.

    I’m going to guess some of your pages either are not there or are not where WordPress expects them to be… It’s possible the cache is causing this but if that’s the case it should clear itself up after a few hours.

    So let’s go into the Dashboard and set the permalinks to plain, save them and then go back in and set them to whatever you had before. This process forces them to flush and hopefully rewrite the htaccess file if needed.

    Dashboard –> Settings –> Permalinks

    I tossed a made up url at the site and instead of getting a 404 I received the home page. But each time I went to ComMunity Care I received the proper page so I don’t think it’s a cache issue though that is possible.

    I’m also wondering what is redirecting your 404 errors to the home page but I’ve seen that done quite often.

    If you can look at your error logs you’ll probably see some hints about 404 errors there which would confirm my theory.

    Look at your pages list also from the dashboard. You should be able to preview any published pages exactly as published.

    I’d also lose the login within the menu unless you want your members and visitors trying to join your site for some future purpose. Otherwise, that’s just inviting ‘door rattling’ by people you may not want in there.

    That user agent thing seems broken also. You might need to deal with htaccess manually to get rid of that or fix it.

    You have a neat church there. Your website makes it seem very welcoming.

    Its your cached page from google


    Do you need link this?

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    Thanks for you efforts

    I have done the permalinks reset – no good
    I know the page is there that won’t load plus ctrl-F5 loads them so 404 errors I don’t think are the problem.
    I think the user agent message is because it randomly loads robots.txt (from Google)

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    I’m not sure what “Do you need link this?” means.
    I’m sorry

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