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  1. mattleaf
    Posted 5 years ago #

    hi there

    i've been running wordpress for a few years now

    i updated recently to version 3, actually for a while i couldnt update css files or anything via the web view, i had to manually do stuff via ftp because i was just getting blank pages

    so when i updated to v3 it seemed to fix a lot of things. then one day i went to look at my website and all the colours where messed up. i should mention im using the Neutica theme by alan cole which is pretty flawless most of the time.

    however when i went to login all i got was a blank page

    i tried rename the plugins folder to see if that would help but no good

    so now ive just reuploaded wordpress to 3.0.4

    thought that might help

    but now when i got to login i get this malware warning crap in chrome, and it defaults to random webpages like sutemiku.ws and behufegubu.com (eg) random urls...

    sounds like i have a virus or sumthing? what can i do?

    my website obviously is very important to me, if you look at it it has a *great* lime mustard colour scheme at the moment, but supposed to just be black and white...

    can anyone help out or offer suggestions to the quickest way to get my site up and running again? - or should i say, access to the login, and its customisation

    i host with laughing squid

    is there a 'time machine' or something i can go back to a previous state of my site or something

    sorry im a total wp hack, i just hack away as i go and get by with what i can

    any help appreciated, greatly



  2. Don
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Have you run antivirus software on your PC? Initial issues appear to be on your end.

    Have you tried viewing your site from another browser? (Which I would do after you scan your PC for virus.)


  3. mattleaf
    Posted 5 years ago #


    anyone else able to help with this?

    its a web thing not something on my mac

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