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  • This happened about three days ago (?? guesstimating) and despite removing all of my plugins it persisted, then suddenly resolved on its own after about 36 hours of being down. Yesterday I was replacing plugins one at a time, and everything was fine. I was carefully going by the Master List to see what had been fixed, but I also reinstalled Jetpack and Amazon Links, two that I have not seen any posts saying they were broken. I took them out and it’s still blank. It may resolve again on its own, but then I again won’t know what caused it, so then it can happen again. A couple of people have promised to visit my site and shop there, so it’s urgent that I get it back up.

    What I have activated:
    Advanced Image
    Amazon Master
    Genesis Slider
    Regenerate Thumbnails

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • The fact that this site has been up & then down again suggests that something is going on with the server – rather than the site. Have you spoken to your hosts about the recent issues?

    Thanks for your quick response, esmi! I was going back and forth last time between this forum, my host, the theme creator and Amazon, and no one had any ideas about it. Then it resolved on its own. So I posted here first, and next I will call my host (as soon as I finish my breakfast lol). Someone must be able to find the answer!

    Thanks again!


    No problem. If you continue to have these issues and are not getting any joy from your hosts, do come back & let us know. We might be able to suggest some ways of confirming that it’s a server issue that might help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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