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  • I’m looking to improve my site before launch – JULY 15. I’m not super experienced with wordpress, so ANY advice is welcome. I am currently using the Custom Community theme.

    My website it:

    Here are a few of the problems I have so far:

    1) the header/slideshow distorts when I make the window smaller.
    2) I would like EVERYTHING to remain centered. The slideshow changes with the window size, and the post below the slideshow is off-center (also dependent on window size).
    3) there is a general unpolished-ness to the site at the moment. I would like to clean this up. Any help is appreciated.

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  • 1.) i would try out the full width slider, looks more beautiful and centered ( as there are not these preview thumbs on the side).


    2) what do you mean? centered text? the container centered all the time?
    When do you experience what exact problems? give me some more details to reproduce please..

    3) details please 😉

    hope the first thing helps, konrad

    i would make the header not full width, looks a bit buggy..

    go to THEME SETTINGS -> HEADER -> HEADER WIDTH and set back to default..


    IDEA: tryout a background image that has the height of the header and menu. like very light grey #f9f9f9 or so ending with a horizontal 1px green border at the bottom. should be about 193px high and lets say 2px wide. create this image.

    then: go to THEME SETTINGS -> Background -> Background Image
    and upload your image there. a little few options below you can set the background image repeat to “x” (= just horizontally).


    and then: disable the menu border color you setup.

    another thing I saw is the menu corner radius. if you want to disable it, just go to THEME SETTINGS -> MENU -> MENU CORNER RADIUS and set to “not rounded”.. would look nicer..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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