• Anonymous

    I’m feeling like an idiot here. I’m trying to set up a regular website, not a blog. I was under the understanding that this could be done through WordPress. All I see is blog stuff. Can someone please direct me to information about creating websites? Is this done with WordPress 2.6 or something else? I’m a pretty quick learner. Just need help getting started.

    Thanks much,

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  • Dgold


    A blog is a website.

    You can set it up however you want.

    Perhaps what you want, is find a Theme that sort-of looks like you want. Install that theme in your wordpress. Then go into your WP Admin options and set the homepage to be a “static page”.

    Then go into your Write > Page, and start writing the static page. Put whatever you want there, HTML code, text, pictures, anything.

    If you see things that look like a “blog” that you don’t want, go into your theme files and delete that area. For example you can modify your sidebar, usually in your theme’s sidebar.php file.

    Hope this helps.

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