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  • My website is now unaccessable…totally blank. I got it up and running about a year ago taking the time to tweak the layout and back-up my entire portfolio on the blog (that took an idiot like me a long time) and now I go to my site and it is just…gone. There is just a blank page there. I would rather not reinstal wordpress if I don’t have to cause I spent a lot of time getting it set up. Any tips? I tried using the search engine, but didn’t see any problems like this.


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  • Got a link? If it’s the one in your profile here, the home page is chock full of ads…

    Yeah, that’s the one but I don’t see any links…just a white page. Either way…it’s wrong, yeah? If it was just a regular website, I would just re-load/re-build an index.html, but this is a different beast I am guessing.


    Looks like your site has been hacked. I see a blank page, but the html source has lots of spam links.

    I suspect that simply your index.php file has been changed as: works.

    What version of WordPress were you running? I suggest you re-upload a backup copy of your index.php file.

    what if I can’t find a back-up copy?! I can’t believe I can’t find it!! Is all lost? I am really sad about this!!

    Ok, I reloaded my index and all looks fine…except I can’t login! I’ve tried relocating my password but it says my username/password don’t exist. Is this part of the idiot Hacker that ruined my site?

    Go to your database and change/reset the password:

    Also: change all your passwords for the whole site; inform your host immediately.

    EDIT. And finally, don’t forget to check the file and folder permissions on your site – don’t leave anything world writable!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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