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  • Hey there,

    this is my first time using WordPress and I’m facing some problems, which i enumerate below:

    I have a project in hands which is the development of a website in WordPress for a furniture brand.
    The website, between other funcs, includes a showcase/catalog of products developed by the brand, being those products able to be filtered under two perspectives: collection and type of product (bed, chair, and so on).
    After an exaust research for plugins which could help me doing this management, none of those that I found allow me to associate each product to a collection and a type of product separately. All I can do is associate many categories to a product.

    This way, I will not be able to distinguish which of the two cattegories associated to a product are the collection and which is the type of product, as I want to display a link to “View more products from this type” and “View more products from this collection” in the product details page.

    I would like to know if there is any plugin or group of plugins that allow me to do this.

    After some exaustive research, I found WooCommerce, which allows me, by using this plugin, to deactivate and hidde the online store capabilities.
    However, I am not realizing how i can addapt my layout, developed in HTML5 to the plugin templates.

    Is there the possibility to get some light on this?

    Gratefully for your attention and for the help comming from this forum,
    Best regards,
    Miguel Leite

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