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  • that’s nice did you do everthing your self.

    [moved to the “Your WordPress” section]

    WOW! I love your flash menu. Really nice animated hover effect. And then the fade — whoa!

    I would suggest making the title more prominent. It kind of blends into its background a little too much.

    Also, the login and register tabs look too much like candy canes. Their animation is perfect–they just have too many stripes and colors.

    Since the site seems to take a while to load, have you thought about using AJAX to transition between pages?

    In general, I really like your style. Would you mind critiquing my wordpress site?

    Hi there, sorry I havent been back in a while. Thanks for the feedback. I did do everything myself, although I just discovered a problem with the html embedding of the flash, which disabled most of the links…I need to fix this soon. As for AJAX, wouldnt that require to have the ENTIRE site load at once? making it worse?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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