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    This is a critical message, I updated to the last version and website is down (white page). IF I deactivate the plugin the website will work, if I activate it, it will crash again.

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  • Plugin Author Brecht


    Can you check your PHP error log for any errors?
    Another option would be to enable WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file. That will show the actual error instead of just a white screen.

    The error_log is empty. I try to see with WP_DEBUG

    WP_DEBUG does not help, the page is white, no source code at all.

    Plugin Author Brecht


    There has to be something in an error log somewhere. If you get a white screen it’s just not displaying the error.

    Try adding this at the very end of your wp-config.php file:

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
    define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);
    @ini_set('display_errors', 0);

    I did and I get “NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error

    Do you have skype ?

    Plugin Author Brecht


    That’s still just a generic message. In your PHP error log there should be the actual line of code that’s causing the issue.

    Got it:

    [10-Oct-2016 18:21:08 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 130968 bytes) in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/wp-includes/post.php on line 1815

    Just don’t forget that this worked few minutes ago before the plugin update, and it works also if I deactivate the plugin.

    Plugin Author Brecht


    Does it work if only our plugin is activated? I can’t imagine it’s WP Recipe Maker that’s causing the memory issue. You were probably very near your memory limit and just pushed over it.

    How many other plugins do you have active?

    I get this error when WP Recipe Maker is activated. If I deactivate it I won’t get this error and the website will work. I have 20 active plugins but this is irelevant because it worked before I made the update not only with this plugin but with others also, so this is the first time I get this error so I am prety sure it’s about the last update.

    For example if I activate Wp Ultimate Recipe instead of this I wont get the error even if that plugin is bigger than this one. Another example is that I can actiavate other inactive plugins and I won’t get the error also.

    I also tried to deactivate other plugins and keep Wp Recipe Maker active but it doesn’t work. So it seems that it has to do with this particular update.

    Plugin Author Brecht


    Can you please test if you get the error when only WP Recipe Maker is activated and no other plugin.

    If you still get the error, try switching to a default theme (like Twenty Sixteen) and check again.

    It can be due to a compatibility issue.

    I guess you already did that before the release and I guess it works. The thing is that 99% of the users doesn’t necesary use the default theme and no any other plugins. I am very sure that if you put the old version back it will work for me. It is very likely that your plugin will get in conflict with another plugin, but you know, this is the reason I quit using EasyRecipes because it got in conlfict with Advanced custom fields if I remember right. That’s why I moved to your plugin. If this will work only if I uninstall other plugins, this means this plugin is not good not only for me, but for anybody.

    Plugin Author Brecht


    I’m not asking you to switch to a default theme permanently, this is just a normal debugging step. Please test this and let me know if it works or not. All environments are different.

    If it is a theme problem we can move from there.

    It works on a brand new default wordpress with no plugins and default theme. Now what ?

    Plugin Author Brecht


    And it stops working if you activate that same theme on this brand new install?

    This brand new install is not the same as the site where you’re getting this error, which is why I need you to test this.

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