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  1. crwilson
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Any help here would be really much appreciated, this is driving me nuts!

    I have an account with a hosting server (http://www.nativespace.co.uk) which allows upto 5 mySQL databases.

    In the root folder of this i have installed WordPress and use it for my work website (http://www.craigmarloch.co.uk).

    I've now installed other WordPress installations into subfolders in the root directory (/barossa, /resonance, /m3). These are all seperate websites that i've designed for other companies.


    My problem is:

    At the moment if i wanted to access the 'barossa' site for example i have to do so through http://www.craigmarloch.co.uk/barossa and access the admin panel through http://www.craigmarloch.co.uk/barossa/wp-login.php.

    How can i use my purchased domain of http://www.barossa-ca.com to access the site instead of going through the craigmarloch address?

    - Do i need to map the domain to the folder from the 123-reg site where the domain is registered? [If so, how?]
    - Do i need to use the htaccess file to remap anything? [If so how?]
    - ??!!?!


  2. crwilson
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Anyone? :(

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