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    Hello, I am currently using the OceanWP as a theme for my website. Whenever I am editing my website it only fits the screen of the computer I am working on. I edit my website using a 43 inch desktop and the website displays perfectly on there, however when I switch to a normal sized laptop I do not see the same results. Whenever I try to test and see how my website looks in a diffrent computer, the padding and spacing do not align what what they were supposed to align to. I tried to use health check, and deactivate and activate all of my plugins but nothing changes. If there needs to be code please provide step by step directions I have no experience with coding. How do I make my website look the same no matter the computer or the computer screen size my website is being displayed on? Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Most themes strive to adapt content to layout nicely on any sized display. It’s the entire point of “responsive web design”. It’s not advised to stick to one layout no matter what the screen size. On small screens the content will be either teeny tiny or zoomed in and require a great amount of side scrolling, which is really annoying to most users.

    If you insist on doing so, so be it, it’s your site after all. Your theme will require significant modification of its CSS to make it non-responsive, as it’s the opposite of its intent. To ensure your changes are not lost when your theme updates, you should create a child theme.

    Your theme’s header.php file should have a line like:
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />
    Copy the file to your child theme. Determine the ideal pixel width you’d like your site to display as. Lets say 1280 pixels wide. Alter the viewport tag like so:
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=1280">

    That’s just the start. Use your browser’s element inspector developer tool to help you identify the CSS that is causing responsive behavior. Alter the CSS as needed so it is not responsive. This may include changing percentage sizes to fixed pixel sizes and disabling certain media queries that apply only to smaller screens. Just a couple typical examples, there will be plenty of other things to modify.

    Responsiveness is built into most themes. You may be better off developing your own theme from a starter theme like “_s”(underscores). Without any background in CSS coding, you have your work cut out for you no matter which way you go. I don’t think anyone offers non-responsive themes these days, it’s just not done anymore.

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    Hello bcworkz thank you for the reply, I do not want a non responsive website. I in fact a responsive website that would adapt to any computer, the problem is, it is not responding correctly as it should. Where the font and alignment of my websites content does not get shifted from computer to computer. I have no idea as to what caused this because i never changed the CSS code. However I did delete some plugins would that be a cause?

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    Hello, I am currently using the OceanWP as a theme for my website.

    Please ask plugin specific questions in that theme’s dedicated sub-forum instead.

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