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  • Hi,

    My new WordPress website look fine with IE, Chrome but it looks something wrong with Firefox.

    WordPress 3.4.
    Firefox 13.0.1

    Any solution?

    Thank you.

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  • The problem is from the theme. Is it a commercial theme? If so contact the developer, he should be able to fix it.

    It is normal for some themes to work on some browser and on the others not. But these are small issues which designers can fix quite easily.



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    if these display problems happen with the unedited theme, contact elegantthemes as the seller of your theme for support.

    if you have made edits, try to re-trace these edits, and possibly start again with a new copy of the theme.



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    seems to be an css issue, possibly caused by the height of your logo;

    try to add clear: both; to the style of #featured-slider in style.css of your theme:

    #featured-slider { width: 960px !important; height: 417px; clear:both; }

    Thanks Johnb81 and alchymyth.

    After adding the code, all the images don’t display and looks starnge. URL:

    I’m going to ask the seller for support.


    code added as below:

    #featured-slider { width: 960px !important; height: 417px; clear:both; }

    Hi All, Thanks in Advance, you will soon relize why im already being Appologetic !!! I have No idea what im doing and am trying to find someone to administer my sites.
    So!! so far it has worked after a fashion but I have recently ie, Yesterday ! found that it is not displaying properly
    and I have no idea how to resolve it ?
    Any suggestions PLEASE, ( Polite ones First please )



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    @td1 – can you please start a new thread here:

    These forums work best that way :)!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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