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  • was supposed to be transferred from go daddy to ipages.
    We got all the normal emails that it was working.

    Then 48 hours ago when we got an email that the transfer was successful the site crashed and now does not exist. After a conversation with go daddy they are saying they haven’t hosted the site since 2012 and don’t have any files.

    The site isn’t backed up anywhere – It’s new and I forgot.

    Ipages doesn’t have any record and there seems to be a lot of finger pointing and not so much useful information.

    Then there’s a few places saying it’s registered with tucows which me and the website owner have never heard of before…

    Is there a way wordpress or anywhere would have a record of the files required to get this site back up? I have no idea what information I need to make this happen.

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  • appears to have been a redirect to, according to the WayBack Machine. You may wish to ask the same questions again of GoDaddy, but about

    No, WordPress doesn’t automatically back things up “somewhere”. But this might be a place to start:

    It was for a while and then we stopped the redirect and made a completely new website on

    I’m out of answers, other than to point out that the site must have been hosted somewhere whenever you last saw it working. If you can figure out what hosting company was doing the hosting, and it was fairly recently, then they are likely to still have a backup of your site: both database and files, because both are required to restore a WordPress site.

    Be warned: many hosts don’t save backups for more than a week; some even less. So speed is of the essence.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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